We are a restaurant specializing in Brazilian BBQ (Churrasco), located in convenient place only 2 minutes walk away from Ebisu station.
A Brazilian BBQ called Churrasco representative of national Brazilian cuisine, we offer a variety of cuts of meat including beef and seafood, skewered and all grilled in a specialized oven, with a diverse & vibrant selection of salad buffet. Please taste whatever you please to your stomach's content by experiencing an all-out Brazilian atmosphere to the background of rhythmic Samba music. Please come up the stair leading to our entrance on the second floor. Let's get started "Trip to Brazil"!

Stylish and grown-up ambience filling with a taste of New York

The second floor in an all-glass stylish building facing on a main street. A trendy place we haven't seen before is connecting to New York style food area on the first floor through double height cellings.
This is the third restaurant everyone's talking about followed by Roppongi and Yokohama. Upon entering the restaurant, you will see a striking view of the buffet counter in the middle as well as a lively open kitchen ahead. Our chef and aroma from meat stimulate your appetite and you will feel loud crowd through double height celling. Woody and chic ambience are inspired by a grown-up city, Ebisu. A sparkling chandelier represents the excitment of Samba.

Specialty Restaurant offering Brazilian BBQ (Churrasco)

Our restaurant offers Black Wagyu beef and seafood skewers including shrimps, all of which are quite rare for a Churrasco restaurant, with a total of about 15 different varieties at all times. Our staff will bring the freshly cooked meat on the skewer to your seat and slice the perfect amount based on individual request in an authentic Brazilian style.
Our buffet-style side dish serves about 50 different dishes such as feijoada, a Brazilian national food, as well as vibrant fresh vegetables. All of them are for you to enjoy to your stomach's content.

Enjoy "black wagyu beef" Churrasco offered only in Ebisu where you can feel all-out Brazilian ambience.

We host a variety of events on an inrregular basis such as Samba dance that you can experience all-out Brazilian ambience. For birthdays and anniversaries, let us assist your special occasion. With a lively ambience, utilize our restaurant according to the occasion such as anniversaries and a party as well as a day you'd like to come.
Also, black wagyu beef offered only in Ebisu is tender and delicately sweet, which perfectly goes well with a ice-cold beer! It is easy to access with only 2 min walk away from Ebisu station. Our cheerful staff look forward to you coming.