We are a restaurant specializing in Brazilian BBQ (Churrasco) located on the second floor of "Ikspiari" shopping center, which is just next to the south exit of JR Maihama station..
Churrasco is a representative national cuisine of Brazil. We offer a variety of cuts of meats including beef and seafood, skewered and grilled in a specialized oven, along with a diverse & vibrant selection at the salad buffet. Please taste whatever you want to your stomach's content while experiencing an all-out Brazilian atmosphere to the background of rhythmic Samba music. Our cheerful staff are waiting to welcome you to restaurant paradise.

DESIGN CONCEPT "Chic and Sexy plus Entertainment"

RIO GRANDE GRILL opens its fourth outlet in Ikspiari. Adopting our original design concepts, we create a new space suitable for Ikspiari. Peeking through the luxurious façade, you can see the lively atmosphere created by our Churrasco oven.Take a step inside and join us in this extraordinary ambiance of tranquil yet elegant decor of lustrous glass pendants and graphic wallpapers, reminiscent of dancing Samba girls.

Specialty Restaurant offering Brazilian BBQ (Churrasco)

Our restaurant offers about 15 varieties of food, including our regular selection of rump meats and seafood skewers including shrimps, which are quite rare for a Churrasco restaurant. Our staff will bring freshly cooked skewers to your table and slice the perfect amount upon your request in an authentic Brazilian style. Our buffet-style side dishes offer about 50 different dishes such as Feijoada, a Brazilian national food, as well as a vibrant salad bar. All of them are for you to enjoy to your stomach's content.

Celebrate your special day at RIO GRANDE GRILL

At a restaurant where you can experience a genuine Brazilian ambience, we offer a special and dynamic dessert in a Churrasco style for your birthday or anniversary. Our cheerful staff will assist your cerebration so please feel free to ask them.
With an extra ordinary, lively and gorgeous ambience, enjoy your time according to each occasion such as a anniversary or party.